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Why Liang Seng founded Personal Finance Map

Most people cannot relate to Financial Planning and are left dangerously unprotected.

All because it is too technical!

 It took me the tragic incident of a close friend for me to realised the importance of Financial Planning.



In 2012 when my church friend got severely burned in a fire at home! That was when I realised the importance of protection and planning.

He lost most of his belongings and had to be hospitalised.

Imagine the Financial Stress he would have on top of his mental and physical pain without proper Financial Planning and Protection?

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This is why I created Personal Finance Map

My mission is to empower everyone to have the clarity to reach their ideal lifestyle faster with proper protection.

How is Personal Finance Map different?

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Easy to relate & understand

We intentionally avoid technically and boring concepts while adding in an everyday analogy to help you understand these financial concepts.

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Personal, Relatable & Achievable

We understand everyone is different and that a one size fit all just doesn’t cut it.  The MAP is meant for you to customise it fully so that it’s Your MAP!

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Interactive & Engaging

Who says finance had to be done in excels and rows upon rows of budget and expenses. We put the fun back in MAP so that you get an enjoyable experience in mapping out your life goals.


Liang Seng is very experienced and friendly. Also responses swiftly to queries


Liang Seng goes the extra mile and extends his warm friendship in ensuring I am well informed of all my insurance policies. He is very hardworking, diligent, and prompt in his work, especially when I have to engage his services when I meet with accidents. He makes navigating and insurance claims simple and clear for the end-user. I am very thankful for him. He is also very sincere in ensuring his clients get value and personally advocates for them in ensuring they do not get duped by other “sales driven” insurance agents.

Shawn Lee

As a Financial Consultant Mr Poh Liang Seng is very knowledgeable about insurance products and would spend time and effort to educate me and my family members on the types of products suitable for us. He takes initiative to understand my unique financial needs and would provide insightful advice for me to select a suitable product that would best utilize my available funds to achieve my important financial goals.

Ibrahim Shaik

Liang seng is more personal and will take the time to provide monthly updates


Get started on your Personal Finance Map

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